Zoom Meetings

A refreshing interface that helps users better learn about daily meetings. 


UX/UI Designer


5 weeks



Adobe XD


Adobe Illustrator

Project Type

Individual Project with much help from Design Collective Cohort Alpha!


More meetings are going virtual due to the pandemic. Video conferencing products such as Zoom, Room, and Google Hangouts are thus gaining people’s attention.


As an active user of Zoom, I would like a relaxing Zoom Meeting interface which informs me of the meetings concisely. So I took the challenge to redesign it by making use of expandable cards and illustrations.


With the new interface, users can quickly learn about their daily meetings by interacting with content cards. Quick search is also enabled for users to search for any scheduled meetings. 

Heuristic evaluation


  • Highlight daily meetings;

  • Enable quick search for meetings;

  • Renew the visual design

Feature 1

Efficiently inform users of their daily meetings.

Daily meetings always come first. I used expandable content cards to provide information about meetings. Also, the banner tells users how many upcoming video meetings they have. In case of awkward silence when meeting new people, I designed a small weather animation in the top left-hand corner to provide an ice-breaking topic.

Feature 2

Find meetings faster.

I moved the quick search box down to allow users to search for specific meetings. Users can use the filter and keywords when searching. 


The quick search box serves as a meeting library that includes all scheduled meetings. 

Feature 3

Meetings are no longer stressful.

I redesigned the interface to make a relaxing video conferencing environment for users. Blue is considered a calm color, so I decided to adopt a blue-based color palette. I also created some illustrations to give more energy to the interface.

Visual design

Next steps

I'd like to explore how users interact with recorded meetings and incorporate it into my existing design.