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McGill CGSA Website Redesign




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UX Researcher

UX/UI Designer

Graphic Designer

2 weeks so far


Adobe XD


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McGill Chinese Graduate Student Association (CGSA) is a non-profit organization run by the Chinese graduate students at McGill and recognized by the Chinese embassy in Canada. The goal of CGSA is to build a community for Chinese students in Montreal where they can seek for help and support from peers and professionals, connect to each other and share their life.

The official website of McGill CGSA was first built in 2018 and remains unchanged for 2 years. As a publicity platform, its main functions include posting events held by CGSA and collecting registration information from students.



The goal of the redesign is to address the events held by CGSA and convey a stronger sense of community to Chinese students and young professionals with a professional and concise look.


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We first conducted a heuristic evaluation to define the problems of the current website.

We noticed that it is difficult for a user to understand the mission of the website at first sight due to
the messy content organization and the mixture of 2 languages. Also, the registration entrance in the form of fixed float window makes it isolated from the other contents of the webpage. Visitors might not bother to look at other contents after completing the registration process.

If the first impression a website leaves on a user is “?”, the website can never complete its mission very well. So it’s important that we provide the contents users need in a clear flow, and make sure all the contents are well connected to each other.

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Given the mission of McGill CGSA, university students and young professionals based in Montreal make the main portion of the audience of the website. We further classified the audience according to their different occupations as follows: general students, new graduates, CGSA members, sponsors, other student organizations.


We chose to focus on general students and new graduates, which are statistically more reactive to events held by CGSA.


We interviewed 6 participants through zoom. Here are some questions we asked:

 1. What do you need from the CGSA website? Motivation?
 2. What device do you use the most? Desktop, tablet or mobile phone?
 3. How much time would you like to spend on your next visit?
 4. How convenient is it when you look for the contents you need on CGSA website? On a 1-5 scale, from not at all (1) to very convenient (5).

5 out of the 6 participants would like to spend less than 5 minutes on their next visit. 3 of them picked 2 in question No.4, which means it's not convenient for them to search for information.

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Q: How much time would you like to spend on your next visit?

Desktop - 9.png

Q: How convenient is it when you

look for the contents you need on

CGSA website?

All participants mentioned that one of their motivations is to learn about the events held by CGSA, which added to the importance of updating the current user flow to a simplified and smooth one.


Based on the feedback from the participants and their reaction during the interview, we mapped out the user journey as follows:

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User Journey Map



Information Architecture


In order to learn more about the color, font, and layout preference of our client, we provided 4 design samples for the client to choose from. They went for the first design.



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What we do

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Open events

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News page

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Regular events

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About us

Hi-Fi prototype is on the way...